#13: Making Things Happen with Karen McGrane

In lucky episode 13, Paul and Whitney dig into work and effort. What happens when we get paid for something, versus just "having fun" at it? How do we choose where to put our effort? And why does work have such a negative connotation, anyway?

Karen McGrane of Bond Art + Science

Karen McGrane of Bond Art + Science

Then we sit down with the great Karen McGrane. Karen shares how she divvies up her days and her efforts, the balance between client work and non-client work, and chasing down interesting ideas.

Karen has been making the internet more awesome for nearly 20 years. You might know her from her seminal book Content Strategy for Mobile, her work at Bond Art + Science, or one of her many, many articles in publications such as A List Apart. Last year, Karen spoke at the Dare Conference. Her talk, “I Suck! And So Do You!”, was shortlisted for Conference Talk of the Year at the 2014 Net Awards - a well-deserved honor!

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