Your hosts  Whitney Hess  and  Paul McAleer

Your hosts Whitney Hess and Paul McAleer

About the Show

"Without inner peace, it is impossible to have world peace." - Dalai Lama

As experience designers, we are driven by the desire to improve people's lives. We spend our careers establishing principles and practices within our organizations to deepen compassion for our customers and colleagues. 

But a laser focus on other people's needs and goals can often leave us – "the healers" – sick and tired. All the care we give to others, we neglect to take care of ourselves. We get wrapped up in conflicts; we pull all-nighters; we burn out. 

Suddenly we realize that if we aren't our best selves, our whole selves at work and at home, how can we possibly give our best to others? Then it can be said that our highest calling is not in fact to design innovative technologies – it's designing ourselves. 

In this podcast, Paul McAleer and Whitney Hess explore the topics of self-care, self-awareness, empathy, emotional intelligence, inner work, inner peace, wisdom and harmony. We invite you to share your own stories with us or suggest topics for discussion.

"One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself." - Leonardo da Vinci

...but we don't have to do it alone.